On losing a loved one, coping and keeping them in your heart

Losing someone you love is always really hard. No matter the circumstances, whether a person passes suddenly and much before their time or it is a slow process, like an illness or old age, your first impression will be shock and denial. The first days –sometimes even weeks, you might find yourself acting and planning your daily life as if they were still there. It is too hard and overwhelming to just accept the absence for what it is. Pain and guilt usually follow; the pain of not having that person around you, the unbearable regret for all the time together wasted, all the things you planned to do but didn’t, and now you can’t do. There will be so many things that cannot be shared, you will think of the emptiness and space left by that person in your future experiences. This frustration leads way to anger, at others, at God, at yourself, but time heals all wounds and helps you calm down and heal, accept the absence and learn how to live with it. You will work out how to deal with your day to day situations on your own, but hope to always keep a special place in your heart for that special person.

Once you accept your loss and find a way to cope, it can often happen that, in time, small details of that special person slip your mind. Times you shared together, conversations you had, that special way of saying something in particular, all these things tend to have some trouble standing the test of time. But those who are gone, but not forgotten, are the ones who stay the longest in your heart, the ones who stay alive.

From this very notion stems my “Inspiration Journal – Remembering Who You Are”. After losing my sister, I found that writing as much as I could about her helped me cope and understand her parting. More importantly, it helped me keep her alive in my memory and in my heart.

The journal works as a guide through loss and permanence, to memories and to the use of thoughts and stories to keep alive emotions and relationships. I’ve structured the process through different stages to help you analyze your internal experiences, thoughts and feelings regarding the lost loved one, to help you reflect and search inside yourself to bring out your deepest and fondest memories and to help you reach a better understanding of your life together. Putting all of this in writing can help you put your mind at ease and better move on without forgetting. So Can somebody help me write my story.

The Inspiration Journal is divided in several chapters with very specific goals. First, to warm up your memory, then to spark up your creativity and connect moments or words in particular to broader situations and dynamics, and finally to develop and record these situations for longevity, keeping the spark and the essence of your loved one in time. I’ve also chosen a few of my favorite quotesabout love, loss and the magic of keeping the past alive through storiesand placed them in every chapter to serve as inspiration for you to reflect on the entire experience that is grief.

After completing this journal, you may find yourself changed and moved by the things you have learned and remembered about your loved one. Most importantly, you will have a keepsake to always remember how special that person was to you and the many reasons that made them so. For more details click here:- Turning your inner story into a book, How to write my story and also visit- http://www.bethlord.com/


How best to determine story ideas

A choice a writer will actually make is which story to write. Sometimes that is a simple decision: the “right” story is going to be staring us in the face. But sometimes the choices could be overwhelming.

If you’re like I am, then you probably have sufficient story ideas and Turning your inner story into a book can keep you busy for the rest of your life. There they stand, all inside a sparkling row, each of these clamoring for your interest, each of them enticing you with their possibilities. It’s darn tough to choose just one, when truly; we want to write them all. So how do you choose?

After finishing my diesel punk work-in-progress storming earlier this season, I’m currently in resting period between tales, and I’m doing my best to determine which of my ideas the best to write next is. If we choose the best story, we’ll be embarking with an exciting and fulfilling journey that will assist us growing as writers and hopefully Turn your confessions into a book we can tell others.

Visit my site http://www.bethlord.com/ and you will find helpful resources to tell your story.

Transmitting your story for your children and grandchildren – by Beth Lord

There are many ways to share your experiences and your life story with your loved ones. You can create a good audio or video recording for them. You can write your personal biography. There is also a national organization that will help you write it. It is the Organization of Personal Historians at http://www.bethlord.com/. Among them you’ll find a professional in your area that will help you Transmitting your story for your children and grandchildren. They will create a book based on your life with your input and also give ideas to turn your story into a book.