Anyone looking for true ghost stories can usually find a host of tales with striking similarities. These are the tales of departed spirits and voices calling out from the great unknown. However, often overlooked are the creepy stories about objects—not people—that are just as haunted. Here are three stories featuring three rather ordinary objects that may cause you to look slightly askance at that old family heirloom sitting in your basement.

The Chair Of Death Of course, you’re thinking an electric chair, right? Haunted house stories seldom focus on a single article of furniture. What if we told you that this was just an ordinary wooden chair you’d find in any antique store? The story, like The Anguished Man tale below, is something right out of the pages of folklore. Thomas Busby, a convicted murderer, was sentenced to hang in 1702. He’d strangled a man to death for sitting in his favorite chair in his favorite pub. As he walked past the pub on his way to the gallows, he pronounced a curse: Whoever sits in his chair henceforth will die. Nonsensical ramblings from a deranged killer?Perhaps.

However, it wasn’t long before people began to notice that soldiers who’d stopped to dine in that pub, and who sat in that chair, were found never to return from battle. A bricklayer fell into a hole on the jobsite after sitting in it. A roof collapsed under the roofer who worked on it – after he had sat in the chair on his lunch break. The pub’s cleaning lady even stumbled on it while tidying up, crashing to the floor and dying soon after of a brain tumor.

Annabelle, The Demon Doll
Few chilling stories of poltergeists pack the same punch of terror as this one. In the early 1970s, a woman shopping in a thrift store purchased a Raggedy Ann doll for her college-aged daughter. It wasn’t long before the strangeness began. Scraps of foreign paper with childish handwriting were found scattered about. The doll was seen to move on its own, and even seen to stand on its own legs. After a psychic alleged that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a young girl who’d died in their house, the daughter and her roommate contacted a renowned psychic duo, who indeed confirmed that the doll was not possessed by the spirit of a little girl: It was possessed by a demon. Today, Annabelle is enclosed under glass with a warning never to open it.

The Anguished Man Painting
This one sounds like something fresh out of the pages of an old pulp magazine tale featuring unexplained phenomenon stories: A found painting, grotesque, purported to have been painted with the artist’s own blood!
Such was the story told to Sean Robinson by his grandmother, who kept the picture hidden in her attic for twenty-five years before passing it on to him. His grandmother told him that she heard anguished cries whenever the painting was displayed.

Of course, Sean wasn’t buying any of it. That is, until he got hold of the painting and heard the voices for themselves.

To look at this painting is to understand how anyone would think it was haunted. It is truly a horrific work.

The next time you look at something very old and worn, something, say, in a Civil War museum, remember the life that touched it once, long ago, that was snuffed out so horribly. Who knows, as you look around your house what history is held in such ordinary objects, waiting to be unleashed at the touch.
Today’s ghost hunters are fast arriving at this very point. Simon Murik Author of True Ghost Stories and Hauntings: Chilling Stories of Poltergeists, Unexplained Phenomenon, and Haunted Houses


Why do we Love true ghost Stories

Ghost stories have been around providing man has. Whether or not we trust ghosts, we will stay and listen, allowing ourselves to get pulled into the story plus the world of the afterlife. Sometimes it’s actually a world filled with amaze and wonder, but generally it’s one of navicular bone chilling fear.

There is something grips us while a person begins to spin the tale for individuals, we’ll sit quietly even though our hearts beat more rapidly and faster, more than willing to get along with the storyteller whether we trust ghosts or not.

Precisely why Do We Love True Ghost Stories?

Ghost stories are generally fun, and most individuals enjoy a good shock. What better to scare us with over a force we have minor power against, and while using added possibility that after we die natural meats enjoy that power way too. Becoming a ghost is often a continuation of this lifestyle, we are helpless to look at any other course, it’s actually a natural right of verse, the natural course involving things. You are given birth to, you die and suddenly you become a ghost. No injury, no foul, what more could we obtain?

Telling Haunted House Stories fills the importance we as humans are unable to deny, the possibility we don’t simply turn for you to dust and fade through the earth when our bodies don’t are of any employ to us. Even the highest sceptic is willing to set their view aside, regardless of whether it’s only subconsciously, and wonder if one can come back after death and pay somewhat visit to those many of us love, or perhaps those many of us were never too attached to.

It’s the mystery involving unknown in ghost reports we hear that draws us for many years. Hearing a story from an agent who has experienced something we wish to a visit from your dead. Even though organic beef say we never need to deep inside we think a smaller glimpse wouldn’t be a real bad thing.

It’s a reaffirmation of the prospect of life after death. It’s actually a glimpse into the mystery of something could very little about nevertheless a journey we will certainly all take eventually.

For us it’s reassuring and pertaining to others absolutely terrifying, but in the stop ghost stories hold a fascination for individuals whether they are simple fact or fiction and we’ll gladly huddle throughout the storyteller with rapt awareness while he tells people of his most scary experience.