Reason of the headache and its solution

A headache may occur as a result of multiple causes, and depending upon the cause, the headache could be classified into primary headaches, secondary headaches and also cranial neuralgia, facial ache, effects of caffeine on the body as well as other types. Primary headaches are generally not associated with any condition.

Home remedies for headache
1. Drinking of herbal teas like chamomile or peppermint tea can relieve a headache.

2. Steam inhalation is an effective remedy for headaches. It can do away with sinus blockage.

3. Drinking two tablespoon apple cider vinegar mixed with raw sweetie in a cup of water can cause a headache to vanish quickly
4. Drinking a glass of warm water mixed with two tablespoons pure maple syrup and few drops of lemon juice and then immediately taking a nap can cure headaches.

5. Placing henbane leaves on the head Science Posts and then covering it using a moist warm cloth can cause a headache to disappear.

6. Usage of a warm poultice made of ginger powder can reduce headaches. The poultice will be placed on the forehead.

7. Applying a paste of sandalwood on the forehead can cure headaches.

8. Consumption of grated coconut mixed with glucose can reduce headaches.

9. An answer made out of half teaspoon mustard seed powder and three teaspoon water may be applied in the nostrils. This is an effective way of treating headache.

10. Intake of a teaspoon regarding Brewer’s yeast daily can reduce headaches due to iron deficiency.

11. Intake of freshly sliced apples every morning hours is an effective cure for a home treatment for headache.

12. Nasal irrigation is a way to clear nasal congestion and reduce a headache.

13. Massaging head with the pressure of thumb and forefinger can alleviate a headache.

14. Soaking feet in the lukewarm water and placing a cold towel on the forehead can lessen a headache.