Advice to employers about employment law and car registration

Just a little advice to employers about employment law in spain:-

Be aware that salaries are reduced Spain than in northern Europe and also the USA. You can contact all of us before making your offer to see if you’re in the range with regard to Spain.

When making an income offer to someone within Spain, make sure you quotation a gross annual income (sueldo en bruto) rather than net salary, so you aren’t in for a impolite surprise.

Companies have traditionally prevented giving indefinite contracts due to the difficulties in laying away such employees, and the actual high compensation package included. Consequently, the Spanish mentality is so that receiving an indefinite contract is nearly as important as what salary they’ll actually receive.

You cannot be too careful about worker issues. Spain is not whatsoever a litigious country EXCEPT with regards to an employee who may be fired.

car registration spain

Spain is well known among the most difficult places to make sure you re-register a car from from any location and the strict and complicated rules is a really minefield for most most people. It doesn’t matter what car you use, our expertise is simultaneously unique and unequalled for registering cars onto Spanish plates with an efficient, concise and cost-effective solution.

WE REGISTER ANY CAR Spain could save you taxes in most problems when importing and registering a motorized vehicle from overseas. Remember, if you happen to importing a car right from overseas, even though it was probably manufactured in Europe, could possibly NOT have European Choice Approval.

Many people are unaware of the taxes implications of re-registering an automobile onto Spanish plates. Nevertheless, on most occasions, we can help you save paying the hugely costly Spanish Matriculation (registration) taxes which affect every car being re-registered within Spain.

We offer advice and guidance if this really is possible in your scenario, taking into account why you are re-registering the car to begin with. You may be likely to move here in the long run, or have just relocated here.

Perhaps you have a vacation home here or you’ve decided to remain here for that foreseeable future, as Spain is this type of great place to reside. It makes total economical sense to make use of our expertise which guides you with the complexities of getting your vehicle registered in Spain – frequently without paying taxes! Whether you’ve got a register uk car in spain, an American car transfer or vehicle from every other country, we can assist.