DJ equipment rental NYC

There are a number of ways that you can keep your guests excited and the atmosphere up at your party, but DJ equipment rental NYC might be the best addition to your party. Think about the best and worst parties you attended in your life. The worst parties included those school dances that used radio music that left people clinging to the walls and huddling in small groups. The best parties likely had a DJ spinning diverse records that sent everyone running to the dance floor. dj equipment rental nyc that can turn a novice into a professional and keep your party hopping. Our rental equipment is great for birthday, anniversary and retirement celebrations, but our equipment is also great for other types of events. The next time that you host a picnic or an outdoor barbecue for your employees and their families, consider bringing in some speakers, a subwoofer and other accessories that will let those employees try their hands at spinning records. We can also arrange for lighting and other special lighting equipment rental nyc effects to make things even more exciting.

Pioneer DJ Pro mixer DJM600 Rental NYC

The Pioneer DJ Pro mixer DJM600 is a latest offering by the Japanese electronics giant. After the very successful predecessor (The Superstar DJM500) of this series, Pioneer has added some more new features on this mixer. For e.g. The Auto BPM Counter offers a lot more flexibility of use since in DJM 600 it measures t he range from 70-139 / 91-180 / 71-180 or even a Manual option. Another outstanding feature is the STRETCH LOOP PLAY, which can be adjusted to extend or shorten the sample from the mixed track. However, the sampling time is only 8 Sec which may look like a limitation to many DJs. Other basic but useful features includes an EQUALIZER, which has low/mid/high settings for each channel. AUTO BEAT SAMPLER is another function which is new for this series, however this feature was first introduced by Gemini in their PS series mixers. Also, the ABS record time is too short (only 6 Secs).There is no doubt replace the workaholic DJM 500 in clubs, but one thing to remember is that like DJM 500, this mixer works/used best if attached with Pioneer’s CDJ series Professional CD players. As always, the rent speakers NYC Pioneer quality is superb and it is built like robust equipment to handle all the hard use.

Pioneer DJ Pro mixer DJM800 Rental NYC

High Quality Audio

The analog signal from the player passes through the shortest signal route, first digitized at 24bit/96kHz through a pro A/D converter where it reaches  the digital mixing stage with the best sound possible.  The mixing is carried out by 32bit DSP with minimal deterioration of sound quality.  A highly rigid chassis minimizes unnecessary vibration, which could adversely affect sound quality. The mixer also incorporates a dual-shield structure for eliminating entry of digital noise and a high performance power supply for noise-free power.


Many couples also come to use when they need a dj speaker rental NYC. Renting even a small band can easily cost a few thousand dollars for just a few short hours, and those bands don’t always know your favorite songs. With a DJ rental, you can have all your favorite songs ready on standby. We have equipment that works with traditional records and albums, but we can also provide you with equipment that works with your Smartphone, tablet, laptop or music player. Our wide range of equipment and low prices made us one of the top speaker rental NYC companies. When you throw a party or host a special event, you usually have some type of budget in mind. We want you to know that we can work around that budget and still get you some great equipment.

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