A picture is worth a thousand words, a thousand thoughts, a thousand emotions

There are many ways to tell a story, maybe as many as stories there may be. If you have a story, whether it’s one of love, of struggles, of success or of fondness, it is always accompanied by many sensations that bring it back. Sometimes, it is the soft scent of the grass when it rains, or a trace of cologne a beloved one would wear. Others, it could be a song that played, a piece of clothing you wore at the moment, or even the faint image of a passing cloud that caught your eye.

All these things can act as triggers and take you right back to the memory of a time that might have been buried in the back of your mind and you couldn’t remember. Sometimes, these hidden memories hold the key to your story. Sometimes, they are the one thing missing to guide you towards healing and growth. They are, sometimes, the only way to start over and rewrite your story for the years to come.

To me, this is why photographs have become such an important thing in our lives. We take pictures trying to immortalize a moment or an experience, sometimes without knowing how deeply rooted the memories of them will be. A picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes you don’t know what those words will be until you’ve stared at it and meditated for a while. Photographs can be a great way to start a discussion, to reflect on deeper feelings that are hard to express in words from the beginning. They can be inspiration, letting your imagination flow free and roaming to find what you needed to continue with your story. They can even act as a barrier of sorts to some; I’ve seen patients who find it difficult to use words to express their feelings and find that images are a safer –and more accurate– way of showing their emotions and their souls.

So why not use pictures to help you tell your story? Or maybe even to help others better understand what you are trying to communicate.You can see all the different ways in which I can help you build and tell your story or Turn your confessions into a book or here, whether you chose to get started with pictures or to use them after to complement its magic. Go ahead! Pick some pictures for your story, I promise they will make your book more beautiful and fulfilling to look at.