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Before preparing any kind of business vacation, it would be a good idea to reflect and inform you about the most suitable legal consulting services in marbella, as what in some instances is positive, within others could be negative. Because of this, you will need to keep in mind the various formulas and also to have a clear idea of what are the requirements, advantages and disadvantages of every. There is a selection: A sole proprietor (Autónomo), joint-ownership arrangements (Comunidad de Bienes) Partnerships (Sociedad Civil), Open public Limited Companies (S. The. ), Limited Liability Firms (S. L. ), Worker-Owned Firms (Sociedad Laboral)… How to choose the most suitable legal formula? I highlight 5 points to consider before making a business vacation:

Kind of business and size: when we are talking about your own business with no workers, the most likely would be that we do not recommend incorporating a Limited Liability Firm. However, if the company is going to operate in the highly concentrated sector or being a supplier to large-scale firms, the most advisable would be to set up a firm, as the big companies with which you would be working will only sub-contract to other firms. If, additionally, your business would be to have a high variety of employees, as a firm in accountants marbella you can benefit from deductions within Corporation Tax.

Variety of partners: the amount of partners is essential within deciding on which legal format. If there are several associates, the most advisable would be to set up a firm. Each partner is likely for the amount of funds that he contributes and trouble is avoided in case of any irreconcilable differences arising.

Liability to become assumed: In the case of self-employed, relationships and joint ownership arrangements, liability can affect the personal assets from the partners. In the case of S. The. or S.L. companies, liability could be limited to the capital invested.

Financing: The cost of setting up a Partnership is much less than for integrating a limited liability company, and there is no Notary or Firm Registry fees involved in the situation of a Partnership. For the L. L. C or a P. L. C. these expenses can be applied, as well as offering a minimum capital expense.

Taxation: The basic difference between the different legal formulas lies in how they are generally taxed, as the a sole proprietor, partnerships and joint ownership agreements pay tax based on Personal Tax, whilst the other kinds of company are taxed under Company Tax. Personal Tax (I. R. P. F. ) is applied to a scale that increases based on the level of income, whilst Corporation Tax is used at a rate of 25%-30% with respect to the profits acquired.

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