Best Live music venues London Ontario and Restaurants

Live music in a café or cafe makes a huge impact on the particular success the business; truth. This does not mean to state that ANY live music getting performed at your café will result in a successful business, but music that is appropriate for your establishment and your consumers.

At one of the cafés, we provide live music venues london Ontario for, the manager made a decision to cancel the live music, for cost saving actions. Immediately, the covers went down from an average of 95 to 35 each Saturday night time. Within six weeks we were back providing music and the covers increased again. Opinions from clients were that they were prepared to pay more forever food/service and atmosphere, but if the music was absent, they’d rather pay less when you go to a high street institution. The manager learned quickly that the expectation of customers was the music as part of the whole dining experience.

So how can live music be used in just a café? Firstly you need to consider the style and theme of your current café and the type of consumers you attract and then match the music accordingly. We realize of cafes where they have asked their regulars’ advice on the type of music they will like. The average age of customers could be a clue, and the period and day of the week you have the live music. A Sunday lunch might attract families: in which case a musician who plays a variety of music which includes ‘Disney’ songs would work, or perhaps young adults with no children: where an edgy band or jazz music would be perfect; afternoons: for afternoon tea might attract more mature customers who are looking for a live entertainment london Ontario and experience, in which case a classical pianist or harpist would be perfect. Alternatively, a Saturday evening might be a romantic evening out regarding couples: perhaps a guitarist or perhaps singer subtly serenading would be very good.