Technological advances with HIPAA security policies

Let’s begin with what exactly Online HIPAA Training is. It is actually the protection of electronic health info or ePHI. This security protects these details in three different ways.

Here exactly what it protects:

1. Confidentiality – This rule implies that the ePHI should only be accessed by people who are authorized to view it.

2. Integrity – This rule protects the info from being altered or destroyed without having first getting authorization.

3. Availability – Thus giving only authorized people access as they require it.

Now that you understand just a little about what HIPAA is intended with regard to, you need to understand who this particular law affects.

The people who should be compliant are:

1. Health plans – This is actually the individual or group insurance plans which are providing or paying for the price of healthcare.

2. Health care clearinghouses – These are entities that have the effect of processing health care transactions for additional entities.

3. Covered health care providers – They are the providers of medical or additional services and supplies for healthcare that transmit the information electronically.

4. Business Associate HIPAA compliance — On February 17,2010, business associates were put into this health care protection rule. They have to comply with this rule as for when they are a covered entity also.

That will help you understand more about what business associates are based on this rule; they are a person or organization besides a member of the covered entities workforce that offer services; or who assist covered entities and who also get access to protected health information.