Turn your confessions into a book and educate other people – by Beth Lord

We all have a story to tell but not of all us know how to sell it. Selling your story takes a few additional considerations, apart from simply wanting to inform people. Selling your story means discovering that message, meaning, or lesson that may be drawn from it to inspire and educate other people and also Feeling good about your inner story, often causing them to react in a particular way.

When you find the general message and meaning of your story, you can write a powerful book, even develop a business inspired by it. That’s what we are trying to do for our clients on a daily basis at BethLord.com. Actually, those are more than books that we are ghostwriting. If a client doesn’t have the desire of writing a book which touches the lives of others in some manner, we won’t take the project. It’s not that people are snooty or simply difficult. We’re just business-minded. We all know that the marketability of the memoir or of a life experience, especially by someone who’s not a celebrity, is based mostly on what the author wants the reader to get from it. If the author is just concerned with telling his / her story, and not worried about why the reader will invest time in reading it, then it’ll be difficult for that book to achieve success.

If you’re writing to tell your story for your personal enjoyment, don’t invest time, money, and effort in hiring a professional aid. Save the time and write a diary, or a small task where you print just a couple of copies. But if you tend to Turn your confessions into a book because you feel the need to educate, entertain, or encourage others through your story, then you need to hire professional help. Remember: despite the fact that it’s your story, it will concern the reader. Nobody really cares about you and your drama, as traumatic as it might have been for you to definitely endure or as compelling as you believe it is. They only care about how exactly what you went through might help them deal with what they’re going through. So that indicates having something interesting, useful, and real to state.

This also means the book can’t fulfill your need to be listened to and encouraged by somebody, feeling sorry for you, or going from one calamity towards another. What did you learn from this? How did you deal with it? How can someone apply your experience to his / her own life?