What is Biblical counseling and its effectiveness by liberty Christian counsel


Biblical counseling is a technique for counseling that uses the Bible to deal with the issues in the lives of people, couples, and families. The Bible teaches our thoughts, motives, attitudes, phrases, and actions flow in the sinful selfishness of the hearts. Biblical counseling addresses one’s heart as the source of those human actions and reactions while using wisdom and approaches revealed within the Bible.

Biblical counseling is sensible and effective. It doesn’t view people as merely spiritual beings with religious problems; instead the biblical counselor sees the person as a physical, psychological, cognitive, and relational becoming. One focus of biblical counseling would be to help others develop a biblical worldview of the life and recognize the actual core truth that instructions right thinking and measures. The goal of biblical guidance is spiritual maturity.

Biblical counseling also values the rule from the local church along the way of ones change associated with heart or sanctification. Heart change leads to life change, but this really is accomplished most effectively within an authentic Christian Counseling community, the neighborhood church.

True change is caused by the Holy Spirit employed in ones heart; this work often consists of intervention by other people like a pastor, a mentor, or perhaps a counselor. The biblical counselor assists people identify their difficulties in biblical terms that could involve a renaming from the problem, such as, alcoholism as opposed to drunkenness. As this is performed, the individual’s view of his / her problem is changed as well as becomes biblical. This process is full of grace and is eventually redemptive. The gospel of Jesus Christ may be the foundation for the function of biblical counseling.